Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July weekend!!! Enjoy the time off (if you get it) and just relax and spend time with loved ones (or alone, if you need some alone time). I can't believe that we are already in the middle of the year and that Christmas is only 6 months away. Its crazy how quickly time seems to be passing by lately. I guess I better get to getting if I want to finish all of my TBR books. As of now, I am reading P&P&Zombies for the Everything Austen challenge and I am slowly reading Ulysses for the Team Ulysses challenge. I have just re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and am now re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I know, I know, I am such a geek, but I do like to re-read the books before a new movie comes out. I am actually looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie - should be a fun watch. And I am also looking forward to watching Johnny Depp on the big screen - Public Enemies!! What a handsome bloke! I've also been listening to MJ a lot lately over these past few days. It is so sad that he passed away at such a young age. I'm just glad that the media is focusing on his music and what a supreme artist he was. He was and always will be the King of Pop. And right now I have Billie Jean in my head. Such an awesome tune! Alright, I'm off. Have a fab weekend and happy reading!! Cheerio!! (p.s. I only ever heard one person use the expression, "Cheerio" one time during all of the years I lived in England.)


Frances said...

And a happy holiday weekend to you as well! I could really use some of that alone time you wished for some of us so keep your fingers crossed for me? I am also reading Ulysses and HP as prep for the movie and watching trailers for a movie I don't even want to see just to watch JD. Sad, and I am not usually that type but.. Happy reading and celebrating!

Lisa said...

Happy holiday weekend! Really, the Brits should say "Cheerio" more often; it really is a word that makes you smile!

Sheila DeChantal said...

I also read a book again prior to the movie coming out and Harry )is coming to the top of my TBR list real soon! (Trouble is.... Iget into that series again and it is hard for me to get out!

Have a great 4th to you as well and as Harry would say "Happy Christmas" (well... in 6 months he would say that.... LOL

Karen said...

I'm also a fan of re-reading a book before I see the movie but I am not sure I will have time to do that with the latest HP. My partner has read P&P and Zombies and he thought it was a lot of fun - looking forward to hearing what you think of it.