Thursday, August 7, 2014

Non-Bookish Thoughts...

I'm 36.  It happened earlier this week and I have to admit that it wasn't so bad.  I thought I would be in tears when it happened - crying over getting older - but I wasn't.  Instead, I was too busy enjoying celebrating my birthday with loved ones.  There was lots of yummy food, a delicious ice cream cake (my favorite!), lovely cards and birthday wishes.  It was a very happy birthday.  I even received some books - hurrah!  Here are my new lovelies:
I'm so excited about my new reads that I'm not sure which one I should read first.  Any suggestions?  I'm leaning toward My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff.  Of course, it will probably make me want to re-read Salinger after and then I'll be adding more books to my TBR pile.  Oh, the woes of being a bookworm.

Aside from my birthday, my week has been filled with writing.  I've been writing a lot more lately, but I've also been throwing out a lot of it as well.  Its rather frustrating.  So, I've been watching too much TV, listening to the new Jenny Lewis CD on repeat, and reading to distract myself from thinking about how badly I've been writing lately.  I plan on culling my bookshelves later today as another means of distraction.  Well, the book culling is actually something I've been mulling over for a while.  You see, I'm thinking of only keeping the books that I absolutely LOVE - books by favorite authors and books I will most definitely re-read.  All of the other books will get donated to the local senior citizen's center (the ones that I read and liked, but have already forgotten about).  My only worry is that I will regret getting rid of some of the books, because I think I secretly am a book hoarder (ugh!).  Hmm...what to do?  What do you think?  Should I just keep them all?

Well, Bergdorf Blondes is beckoning me, so I'm off to do some reading. And I'm leaving you with Jenny Lewis, so that you can get a taste of her music.  Enjoy!


Brandie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nadia!!! I'm sorry I missed it and didn't wish it to you sooner. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with loved ones. And NICE book haul, too! That's really fun and exciting. :)

I just did the same thing - purged my bookshelves. I did it to make room for my favorite books that I've slowly starting buying in paperback. I had so many books I just know I'll never read, so I'm doing giveaways on some of the brand new ones and then the rest I donated to Every Woman's House. I used to feel guilty getting rid of them, but really - they're just collecting dust. I'd rather have all my pretties - the ones I love and will recommend to my friends - on my shelves. :)

Heidi’sbooks said...

I see you got your Ann Patchett books! Woot! Woot! Happy birthday!

Purging is something I should do. Really?...I don't want to. It's too much work. If you keep them on the shelf they don't overwhelm you. As soon as I start moving them around, I get overwhelmed. I do try to keep things current, and I do sell some books every year.

Meredith said...

Oh, you were so quiet about the actual day I couldn't arrive in time to express my best wishes. But I'm glad the day went well, with family, ice cream cake and books. Plus, no tears. I would start with my Salinger Year, too. And thanks for the intro to new music.

Lark said...

Happy 36th! And what a great stack of books; My Salinger Year is on my To-Read list, too. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely day spent with wonderful people, and gifted some great books! I look forward to thought on a few of those.

Writing is hard, I often start writing, get annoyed its not going how I would like, and plough my energies in to another project - I know I just need to preserve though. I'm currently on my second draft of a novel and have long way to go to completing it yet!

Regarding your books... Let them go. It's hard - I know! - but you'll appreciate the space and appreciate the books you kept a lot more. I used to keep all the books I ever bought but in our current home we have minimal space and so regular purging of shelves is done. I only keep my favourites, books I enjoy rereading - I'm a big advocate of rereading - and those I have yet to read - I can't part with a book I haven't read, or at least attempted to read. I'd love to know what it is you decide to do with your books!
Bits & Bobs

Dot said...

Happy Birthday! Books are the best type of presents! xxx

Lindsey said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of Friendship. I have it sitting on my shelf waiting for me!

I tend to keep my bookshelves the way you describe. I collect my favorite authors and then I really think about whether I will read a book again or not. I give them to my family or donate them to my library for their book sale. Strangely enough, I haven't missed any of the books I have given away in the past few years. But once in a while, I find myself pining for the books I loved as a kid or teenager and passed on when I went to college!

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day and am accepting the fact that I'm nearly 40 :) As for the purging, I'm definitely going to go for it. Why keep books that I won't read again when others may want them. I'm culling hardcore!