Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer is here!

Yep, summer reading has begun.  The first day of the season was on Wednesday.  Although, if I'm honest, I'd already begun my summer reading over the past weekend. I was on a non-fiction kick and followed up Keven Hart's memoir (I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons) with:


Talk about two amazing writers. I absolutely LOVED both books to bits.  Sidibe's book was definitely interesting and provided insight into how she came about acting - let's just say she was destined for it.  Her life was filled with ups and downs; she struggled with depression; and she just couldn't figure out what she wanted to do.  She was a mess and she admits it - her honesty was heartfelt and I loved it.  Sidibe is a smart and funny gal with loads of talent and I can't wait to read more of her writing.  As for Gay's book - wow! She lays it all out and it is simply beautiful.  Her writing mesmerizes and her truth grabs you.  I enjoyed every minute I spent with Hunger.  Gay shares her story of being gang-raped at 12 by her boyfriend and his friends.  She writes about how she never told anyone what happened and kept that secret locked up for years.  She writes about how she continued to let her boyfriend use her body after he had violated her and told the kids at school she was a slut.  She writes about the nightmares, the smell of beer, and the loss of her body.  Gay tells us how she decided to eat away her pain - she wanted a body so big that no one would hurt her ever again.  Her story is about the experience of being a fat woman in today's world and it is honest, raw, and real.  Reading this book has made me a fan of Gay's writing for life.  Hunger is a MUST-READ!!

As for what I'm reading now:

Strout was calling out to me, so I picked up Amy and Isabelle. A story about a mother and daughter in a small town. Isabelle works in the office at the mill - she's the secretary to the boss.  Her daughter, Amy, is a teen-aged girl struggling to get through high school.  A new teacher replaces the old math teacher.  All the students seems to LOVE Mr. Robertson.  Except, maybe Amy LOVES him too much.  Yep, she's caught with him in his car and soon the whole town knows.  Isabelle is shocked and feels betrayed by the daughter she has sacrificed so much for.  Amy is hurt and confused by all of the anger, drama, and scandal that her romance has caused her family and the town.  She begins to hate her mother and realizes that she resents her.  Isabelle, also begins to feel the same feelings of hate and resentment toward her own daughter.  Their relationship becomes beyond strained and tests their boundaries and love for one another.  I'm part way through the book and loving it. Strout's writing is always so rich and deep with emotion, that you can't help but get easily caught up in the narratives she weaves.  I definitely can't wait to read the rest of her works this summer.

And now, I'm off to continue Amy and Isabelle.  Hope you're kicking off summer reading with something great.  Happy reading!!


bermudaonion said...

Hunger sounds heartbreaking. I wonder how many other women have suffered through that.

Meredith said...

I have been hearing much about Hunger, and I'm so glad you enjoyed both of these! As for Elizabeth Strout, what a writer! I loved My Name is Lucy Barton and have already purchased the sequel.

(So glad you're reading Japanese literature with me again!)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Kathy, it really is. I know, I kept wondering the same thing. So sad to think about all the women who remain silent.

M, I'm sure you have - everywhere I turn I find something about Hunger. I really did enjoy both books so much. Strout is becoming a favorite of mine. Her writing is just bliss. I love reading her words. My Name is Lucy Barton is my favorite so far. You are going to LOVE the sequel - its so good!! I can't wait to start reading for JLC :)