Friday, July 31, 2015

My Birthday Book Wish List..

Yep, all I want are books.  Of course, I wouldn't say no to a Saint Laurent handbag, but that's not very likely.  So, books it is.  I'm hoping to get some of these lovelies:

What do you think?  Not a bad bunch,eh?  As you can tell, I'm on a Miriam Toews kick - I am in love with her writing.  Her novel, All My Puny Sorrows, was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!  I need to read more of her work ASAP.  Yoshimoto will soothe my craving for more Japanese Literature and the Coates book is most definitely a must read (especially after watching him discuss his book on a morning show recently).  And the anthology by Moraga and Anzaldua is a blast from my past - a book that I've read countless time, but never actually owned (its about time!). 
I have so many other titles on my wish list, but I chose the ones that I can see myself settling down with sooner, rather than later. Do you have any suggestions about what I should add to the list?

And now, I'm off to read Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica. So far, I'm not so sure if I'll be sticking with it - I'm feeling rather underwhelmed by it.  Has anyone read it?  What did you think?


Lark said...

I like Yoshimoto, but have never read Toews. Here's hoping you get all the books on your list and more for your birthday!

Emily said...

Books make the best birthday gifts! I hope yours is wonderful. :D

Brandie said...

I hope you get all the books on your list, Nadia!

I had started Pretty Baby awhile ago, but was distracted by other books. I've seen mostly good reviews - I hope it gets better for you!

Lisa said...

I bought The Flying Troutmans years ago and never have gotten around to reading it. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you get a lot of these!

Nadia said...

Lark, I like Yoshimoto, too. Her stories are always so fantastical. As for Toews - her writing is amazing! Definitely check her out! Thanks :)

Emily, they really do :) Thanks so much!

Brandie, me too - LOL! Thanks!! I'm hoping it gets better, too. So far, I'm just not gelling with it - but it could be my mood. Maybe I'll put it down for now and pick it up again later.

Lisa, definitely don't forget Toews :) Thanks - I hope I do, too!

Vintage Reading said...

Ooh I haven't seen those Miriam Toews covers. I've read The Flying Troutmans but not the others yet. I would also recommend Irma Voth by Toews.