Thursday, April 27, 2017

Books Galore...

I just returned from Key West.  Every year, my mom's boss throws a fishing tournament to raise money for diabetes research (her son was diagnosed with type 1 when he was five).  Three whole days in KW with my mom and sis - talk about fun in the sun!  No, I didn't go fishing (that's not my cup of tea) - instead I spent my days at the spa, exploring KW, and shopping for books. Yep, I hit up two bookshops while I was in KW and I loved every minute of it. I hadn't been inside an actual bookstore in ages, so I took my time browsing the shelves and breathing in all that bookish air.  Here's what I ended up buying:

What do you think? Not a bad bunch, right?  I've already read the Strout (thank you NetGalley!!), but I had to have a physical copy of it.  I'm actually thinking of buying the UK version of it, because I love their cover and I love the book so much.  As for the other books, they've all been on my wish list and now I have them on my bookshelf - hurrah! I'm excited for the Auster and Mitchell.  Have you read any of these? Which do you recommend I start with?

Happy reading!!


Brandie said...

Holy book haul!! How awesome! Your fun in the sun with the spa and shopping sounds wonderful!

Nadia said...

Brandie, I know, right! Thanks! It was pretty awesome - LOL!

Ti said...

EXCELLENT selection of authors you have here. I've read some of them but many of the others are on my Kindle waiting for me.

Nadia said...

Ti, thanks :) I started the Auster and am LOVING it - such a talented writer (OMG!).

Terra said...

That sounds like a fun holiday in Key West; the Kahlo and Irving books look appealing, and my husband and I spent many happy hours in Shakespeare and Co. when we stayed in Paris for 6 weeks so I would enjoy that book too.