Friday, May 31, 2019

My Friday Five...

1. Books. I just finished reading:

and now I'm reading this:

2.  TV shows.  I am watching the new season of Southern Charm and still watching The Real Housewives of NYC. Reality TV is my vice and I love it. Then again, there are times when I watch a show and wonder why I still watch it - the people can be so vile or OTT that I question what it is I even like about them that makes me watch every week. Yikes! Okay, so on Southern Charm, I am digging Chelsea's new house - its so cute! Craig is still making pillows, and Shep is still mocking him on the daily. Austen cheated on his GF and she cheated on him again and again, so now they are broken up. Cameran is still judging everyone all the time. Kathryn is driving a Rolls and living in a $6600 a month house in a posh area and everyone can't stop talking about it. So far, its still the same Southern Charm. Over on NYC Housewives, everyone is fed up with Lu thinking she is the cabaret queen, Bethenny is still judging everyone and acting like a know-it-all, and Sonya is falling down drunk. I feel like every season they all get worse - bigger heads with bigger attitudes. And yet, I can't help but watch. Ack!

3.  Wedding planning. My little sister is getting married later this year and so we are in the midst of wedding planning. Conversations are about colors, food, music, and invitations. The dress has been chosen and so we are looking at bridesmaids dresses now. My take away from this experience so far is that the idea of a "bridezilla" is very real - ugh!  LOL!

4.  Book recs.  A dear friend of mine recently emailed me and sent along a few bookish recs. We were in grad school together and she always gave books as gifts. So, I was excited to see what books she was advising me to add to my TBR pile - especially, since I knew they would be new-to-me authors. Here goes:


I love the covers and the sound of each one, so I'm looking forward to diving into these lovelies as soon as I get my hands on a copy of each. Have you read these? How were they? Let me know.

5.  Travis is on the brain again. I keep singing Driftwood lately. I have no idea why.

And now, I'm off to finish reading The Swallows. Hope you are having a lovely Friday. Happy reading!!


Lark said...

The cover of the Furies sure looks interesting. Did you like it? Happy reading The Swallows, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

A Bookish Way of Life said...

Lark, the cover is fun, but the book not so much. I thought it would like that movie, The Craft and while there were elements of it, the story itself was just too predictable and had too many cliches (characters and plot points). As for The Swallows, it had interesting bits, but overall was a dud for me. Oh well, on to the next, right :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, too!!

Ti said...

Oh! A wedding! Fun stuff. Congrats to your little sis!

I am about to head to the lunch room to eat my salad. Not a very exciting lunch but I gotta watch the food intake these days. I mean, I always do but for real now. LOL.

I forgot about King's book coming in September. I just got an email about it and got excited all over again. I think it's very thoughtful of him to always give us a book to read for the RIP Challenge.