Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bookish and Non-Bookish Thoughts...

February is here and that means Jane Eyre.  Yep, I agreed to reread Charlotte's beloved novel this month alongside Meredith of Dolce Bellezza.  I'm going to start it this week, so wish me luck.  I ask for luck, because last time I read it I didn't enjoy it.  Fingers crossed I fall in love with it this time round.  As for what else I've been up to:
  • Johnny Cash.  I've been listening to his music nonstop lately and loving it.
  •  The X-Files.  Oh my! I heart Mulder and Scully.  I loved this show back when I was in high school and find myself falling in love with it once again.  How could I not?  Did you see the Were-Monster episode!?!  I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left!  I'm going to miss watching Mulder and Scully investigate new cases.  I keep hoping they announce more episodes to come.  Fingers crossed!

  •  Downton Abbey. I just finished watching season 6.  I can't believe its over.  Such a good show.  The acting, the wardrobe, the history, and Highclere Castle.  I spent the past weekend watching the last season unfold.  I was so glad to see Tom back at Downton - he's Mary's BFF and needed to be back at home.  Carson's rigid ways regarding upstairs/downstairs life was a bit grating this time round.  I loved seeing Edith flourish in London.  Mrs. Patmore's house of ill repute was good for a laugh.  Barrow's bout with depression was heartbreaking - yes, I know he's a jerk, but nonetheless I felt for him.  So much happened, but I don't want to give anything away for those still watching it on PBS.  Suffice it to say, the season ends as it should.
  •  Valentine's Day.  Buying treats and cards for my loved ones.  I'm also thinking of baking a heart shaped cake.  I'm not usually so excited for Valentine's Day, but this year I am.  Must be all the pink and chocolate swirling around in the stores that has finally brainwashed me into liking Valentine's Day. 
  • Lent.  Starting today I need to give something up. Hmm...what should it be?  I'm thinking sweets.  Or maybe social media.  Definitely not reading.  
  • Books.  I really need to buckle down and read my own damn books like I had intended to at the beginning of the year.  Why is it so hard to resist all the new little pretties that seem to be calling out to me?  I just bought a copy of Muriel Barbery's latest, The Life of Elves. And I just got my hands on Lahiri's latest, In Other Words.  Talk about being a book buying addict - ack!  So, I'm going to limit my book buying to only ten more new books this year - the horror, the horror!  I figure if I limit myself, I will be forced to choose only the books I am truly excited about. Fingers crossed this works for me.  Plus, I can look to my own shelves and finally pick up all those unread books and dive right in.  Wish me luck!
And now I'm off to read my copy of MORE magazine.  Hope you have a great week! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Ti said...

You are going to bake a cake and give up sweets??? I think not!
Giving up social media would be a good one.

I read most of Jane Eyre. I liked it much better than Austen's books but I never finished it. It was a bedside table book that I dipped into now and then and then I got sidetracked.

I will be driving the high school choir around on Saturday for their singing telegrams and then Sunday, it's me, Chinese take-out and The Walking Dead. I will be off of social media that evening since it won't be coming on until 9pm for me.

Nadia said...

Ti, I know, right? That does seem rather crazy. I'm thinking social media and salt. I tend to over-salt things and its a very bad habit I need to break ASAP. I can definitely understand not finishing Jane Eyre. I still need to start it. For some reason I keep picking up other books to read. Maybe its a sign - LOL! Singing telegrams sound like fun - the driving around doesn't. Chinese food sounds delicious, especially with TWD - talk about the perfect pairing. I don't blame you - avoid spoilers! I can't wait to see it, too. Should be a good one. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Brandie said...

Target helped me get into the Valentine's Day spirit this year with their cute decorations. I usually could care less about VDay. Lol.

It's hard to not buy new books. I feel like I've hit my limit already this year and it's only February! I'm going to try to be good for awhile. Good luck with it!

I never got into XFiles back in the day. I kinda wish I had. Seems like it's so popular!

If I had to pick between the 2, I'd have to give up sweets over social media. But I really don't want to give up either. Lol.

Have a great rest of the week, Nadia!

Nadia said...

Brandie, Target is always good at helping get people excited about holidays - LOL! I was just there and couldn't get over how much Valentine's stuff they have - its crazy, but I loved it all :) I know what you mean, I usually don't care for it either. I know what you mean, when it comes to books I can't help myself - LOL! I can definitely believe you've hit your limit already, because I feel like I have, too :) Gook luck sticking with it!! And thanks, I need the luck, too. X-Files is awesome! I loved it then and I love it again :) I can't believe how popular it is - LOL! I know! Giving up sweets and social media - ack! I'm thinking of social media. Its only for a bit and I wonder if I'll even miss it all that much. Hope you have a great rest of the week, too!! Cheers!!

Lisa said...

We had to miss Downtown this week and I was so bummed. Need to get it watched this week before someone really gives something away. We'll be sorry to see it go!

Nadia said...

Lisa, definitely watch it, so you can catch up and before anyone gives away any spoilers. It so good this season! I loved it all. Of course, I already miss it and wish there were more seasons to come. I love that you are such a fan as well :)

Laurie C said...

I've been enjoying Downton Abbey and the new X Files this month, too! My husband gives up coffee every year for Lent, among other treats, so he does enough sacrificing for both of us, in my opinion!

Nadia said...

Laurie, another Downton and X-files fan - hurrah! Sounds like he does give up enough for you both - especially with the sacrifice of coffee :)